On the rooftop

Here we both stand, on the rooftop, looking at each other. I know we haven't spoken for a while, but I have to say, I kept thinking about you!
We have a lot to tell each other, but I can hardly hold it in words.
All this pain in my heart, it rips my body and soul in two.
So here I am, holding the letter in my hand, which i wrout for you. To explain all the feelings, all my fears and joys, all my sadness and pain.
Can't we just start over again, where all the magic began? Where we saw each other for the very first time? We both laughed and smiled, both lay in grass under our bridge?
Here we stand, on the rooftop, looking at each other and I would like to say....

....I miss you!
31.8.06 15:53

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